25 Days and Counting…

Its been 25 days since I ran the Rock n Roll Half Marathon and I haven’t run more than 3.6 milesrunningwithdrawals since that day.


My house has never been so clean. My car has been vacuumed, windows shined, and cleaned from top to bottom. I cut my grass twice. I experimented with multiple new recipes. I made muffins. (I never make muffins.) I’ve checked off over 80% of the items off my to-do list… and I’m still going. I’ve also signed up for at least five more races – all of which I can’t even start training for yet!

My hamstring has kept me sidelined.  Clearly, I’ve been trying to fill my time but again, I am losing my mind!  I must admit that I never realized how much I use that muscle in every day activities!  During these four weeks that I’ve been benched from any running activity, I’ve also been unable to do the other things I enjoy.  Generally, when I’m not running, I am spinning.  It’s a great cross training activity as an alternative to running on days I am just not feeling it. But, with a pulled hamstring, I’ve been unable to take any classes. I even tried taking a boxing class (very therapeutic!) but the next morning my hamstring hurt so much that I was barely able to make it down the stairs.

So, for over two weeks now, I have literally had no form of exercise.  I’m sure there are other things that a trainer could tell me to do in order to get in some form of fitness, but I wasn’t willing to risk injuring myself even more.  To say that I am feeling lethargic and pudgy is an understatement!  Then, there’s the feelings of “losing my cardio endurance.” I am afraid that I’m losing the endurance to maintain long runs! I know muscle memory is a legitimate thing and that it will come back quickly, but its one of many irrational thoughts I’ve been having during this time.  I just miss getting out there and losing myself in my thoughts during a good run and the feeling of accomplishment after its over.

A few days ago, I met with a running coach to help me rehab it back by strengthening key surrounding muscles.  I have some very specific exercises that I’ve been doing for two days now and, today, I am going to give a very short run a try and HOPE that I make it through with no pain. I really need to get back to my own sense of normalcy. I don’t have much left to clean… or at least nothing I WANT to clean!  Fingers crossed today’s run goes OK!

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