Philly Broad Street Run Recap

This recap is a little late coming, but its better late than never!  On May 7th, I ran the Philadelphia Blue Cross Broad Street Run.  The weather was perfect and it was such an amazing experience.  This is one race where you really can’t run for time or hope to have a personal best simply because its so overwhelmingly crowded.

This is the first time I simply ran with friends for fun with no goal other than to finish.  It was refreshingly fun!  I ran with two friends, Jenn and Mike.  We talked and laughed the whole way.

Philadelphia Broad Street Run – Enjoy Every Mile

Miles 1-4:  This was easy and exciting. You just started to get a feel for running in such a large crowd. I remember running by people sitting on their porches cheering us on.  The Einstein banner set the stage for the rest of the run stating “Enjoy every mile.”

Miles 4-7:  Around mile 4 we ran past Temple and the temple band provided a surge of inspiration as they played and we ran by.  It was such an amazing section of the race! The course really narrowed between mile 5-6 as the road narrowed and we ran around city hall. Mile 6-7 was a clean stretch and the crowds kept cheering.

Miles 7-9:  I am starting to feel this! I pulled my hamstring a few weeks earlier and had to cut back on my training. I’m definitely starting to feel it and need a push.  That’s when we hit the Lululemon cheer station!  I could have stopped to read every sign. I laughed out loud a few times.  What a great motivation just when I needed it!  My friend, Jenn, started to have some major leg pains at this point.  So, we slowed to continue running together.  Secretly, it was a welcome relief to slow down for a bit.

Mile 9-10:  We’re almost done!  The crowds were much thicker and the cheers were welcome. To anyone who has ever wondered whether its worth going out to cheer on runners… YES, it is!  You have no idea the motivation it gives you when you’re hurting and tired and just want to stop.  So, thank you to everyone that has ever come out to cheer us on!!  Once we saw that Navy Yard sign, I knew we only had a quarter mile.

Philadelphia Broad Street Run Finishers – Sheila, Mike and Jenn

FINISH:  I’m done!  The three of us finished together and it was such a fun experience running just with friends and not putting pressure on myself to hit a time goal.  I don’t remember the last time I did that – if ever! The crowds were heavy at the end and I really needed water. Also, I couldn’t find that post-race soft pretzel fast enough!  ha

This was such a fun day!  The race was followed by a beer pit stop and brunch with a great group of people.  I already can’t wait for next year’s race!  

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