Rock n Roll Recap… Philly Love

Last Sunday was the Philadelphia Rock n Roll Half Marathon. It was my first time running in any of Philly Rock n Roll Half Marathonthe Rock n Roll races.  Live music on the course definitely brings a different flair to a race.  While its always an accomplishment to finish a half marathon (or any race), this one was tough.  The humidity was so high making it unbearable to breathe.  This is an example of how you can’t control everything come race day and sometimes you just have to dig in and push through.

Miles 1-6:  As expected these were the easy miles. We ran through the city which is always motivating as the crowds keep you going. This is what makes me LOVE Philly so much.

Mile 7-8:  I’ve just hit the lesser populated part of the run.  I kept looking at my watch and started to notice how much I was hurting.  The humidity wouldn’t allow me to fully catch my breath.  I still have 5+ miles to go… feeling like this. Uh oh.

Mile 9:  I had the chills.  Not a good sign.  I did a mental calculation to review my hydration over the last few days.  I kept watching for the next water stop. WHERE IS IT?!

Mile 10:  Chills were in full effect.  The medical team had pallets of ice busted open.  THANK GOD!  I grabbed a handful and shoved it down my sports bra.  Held a handful to the back of my neck while running and threw some ice in my mouth.

Miles 11-12:  I started feeling nauseous and held off throwing up as long as possible.  (Yes, I may have vomited slightly in my mouth. It happens!) This time I grabbed some gatorade from the hydration station.

Mile 13 to the end:  Finally… nearing the finish!  A turtle could have passed me I was running so slow, but I made it through.

I was wobbly and cramping at the end.  At one point, I got scared because I couldn’t stop wobbling.  But, I downed a few waters and ate something immediately.  Slowly, I began to feel better and better.

Why do I do this?  There was nothing enjoyable about this race – except the end.  And, even that was disappointing because I missed my goal time by 6 minutes.

I do it for the sense of accomplishment. I do it because its a mental game to see how far I can push it. I am not an elite runner, but crossing that finish line makes me feel like an athlete.  

Yes, I’ve already signed up for next year’s Philly Rock n Roll Half Marathon.

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